Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Last updated: August 2nd, 2022.


By using our services or interacting with our website and PostgresML services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Our services are currently free of charge. You can create/use/destroy your PostgresML instance at will without providing any payment information. We will not invoice you for using our free services.

Fair Use

Only one free PostgresML instance per person is allowed. We're a brand new startup so our resources are limited. We would like to reach as many people as possible. Thank you for understanding!

Feel free to invite your friends to create their own accounts, there is no need to share.

You may not use our services to mine cryptocurrency or provide services to cryptocurrency networks, e.g. by hosting miners. You are allowed to train machine learning algorithms on data generated by such networks, however. It's also science after all.


We don't collect any personally identifiable information except your email. Your publically visible Github information is only used to provide Single Sign-on. We don't share your personally identifiable information with anyone outside our company.

We don't track you using third-party cookies, that's why you didn't see a popup about it anywhere. We do use services like Cloudflare analytics but they don't give us any personally identifiable information. We may introduce some server-side tracking later just to track how our services are performing, but we won't be sharing that data with anyone.

If you want your account and data deleted, please email us at feedback at postgresml dot org. We will promptly delete your account and all associated data.

You may delete your free PostgresML instance at any time; your PostgresML data and its backups will be permanently deleted.


Please don't store any personal data or data owned by your company on our free PostgresML instances. While they are encrypted and protected to the best of our knowledge and ability, we offer this service with no SLA, and free of charge. We can't be held liable for data loss or data breaches resulting from your use of our services.

Don't attempt to hack our services or use them as part of a botnet or something similar. We'll discover it and we'll be sad. Also we'll ban you and report you. If you want to pentest us, we'd be more than happy to have you try. Reach out to security at postgresml dot org. If you find any security issues, please report them responsibly to that same email.

Have Fun

Please enjoy using our free PostgresML instances and tutorials. Our hope and ambition is to make Machine Learning approachable and fun. Let us know if anything wasn't too great by writing to feedback at postgresml dot org.


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